CBD for pregnant women

Any substance took by mother will directly influence the development of the fetus. CBD is proven by many studies that is safer than most of medical alternatives for pain relief, anxiety, depression and stress. Medicating yourself without the doctors advice won’t be a wise choice considering the gamble on your child’s development. Especially considering the fact that many CBD producers derive it from cannabis plant – it may have a small dose of THC – which may not affect you (i.e. you wont feel any high), THC will interfere with the endocannabinoid system of the fetus. THC has been proved to reduce the flow of blood and oxygen that will impact the development of the fetus.

The main reason of the danger would is the fact that CBD oil contains a small dosage of THC – which impairs the clear thinking, decision making, lowers the IQ and affects the time/space perception, and the worst part is that it creates addiction. No one should put this risk on a future generation.

During the first staged of pregnancy – when the nervous system is developing – you can’t be too careful. There are almost no research on pregnant women due to the illegality of this substance in the past, therefore CBD may not be safe to use while pregnant. On sites like quora.com or on other blogs you might find information that CBD is not harmful to consume during pregnancy – please take in consideration that people might have wrong ideas and perceptions.

Medical professionals are concerned about another CBD impact during pregnancy, as it turns out CBD oil will artificially increase levels of anandamide in the blood. Anandamide is a natural acid derivative present in some foods and in all mammalian brains where it acts as a messenger molecule and plays a role in anxiety, depression, appetite, memory and fertility. Early studies prove that CBD may cause negative effects during the development of the child.


The bottom line: Regardless of the method or plant CBD is produced, whether it’s cannabis or hemp, (especially cannabis), the CBD oil will contain the drug substance THC – which must be avoided during pregnancy. Even if you find CBD products that contain 0% THC you should take a doctor’s advice before trying to medicate yourself at home. There is not enough study to prove that CBD is beneficial effects, or at least neutral so the best idea is to avoid CBD during pregnancy.

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